"Marco has an innate quality of being in tune to the unseen vibrations surrounding him. He is the kind of actor that you watch moment by moment." - Fay Simpson (Pioneer/Founder of the Lucid Body Technique)

"I have watched his vision as an actor and his ability to communicate that vision to his collaborators, achieve an astounding clarity. His work is driven by a deep and multi-faceted curiosity: intellectual, cultural, artistic and human." - Zisan Ugurlu (Resident Director of the LaMaMa Theatre)

"He shows a tremendous amount of dedication to his character and the story. What separates him from many actors is his deep respect to the craft of filmmaking in particular. He understands that in order for a film to work there must be collaboration." - Mingjue Hu (Award Winning Cinematographer)

"Marco is an actor that completely embodies his characters. I still remember scratching my head after his audition, wondering if i'd just seen a performance or if Danny had just walked off the page. We asked a lot from Marco, and he delivered more than we could ever have asked for. On top of being a tremendously gifted actor, Marco is a professional and a team player. I can honestly say that in nearly every way Marco's presence elevated the quality of our movie." - Jason Merrin/Hyperbolic Media (Dir. & Writer: Sleepwalkers)


"The acting is thoroughly convincing and Marco Torriani’s performance as the titular character is noteworthy. Torriani manages to portray a typical reality TV star effortlessly but with enough heart to clarify that this is a man who is painfully delusional. There is plenty of emotional depth lurking within John Dablovski: Reality TV Star, as the film is both heartbreaking and heartwarming." - Review by Alexia Amoriello of the New York Independent Film Festival